"When did my vehicle leave...  How far did it go... How fast did it go...Was the delivery on time... " 

Abbott TachographsTachograph

Reliable and proven for over 40 years, The tachograph will help you gain better control that is necessary to ensure that your vehicles are being operated the way YOU want and when YOU want. The Abbott will provide you with an accurate, reliable record of a driver's daily activities such as stops, speed and distance traveled.

Abbott Tachographs Will Help Cut Your Costs.

The Abbott Tachograph will give you the facts you need to reduce your labor and fuel costs by:

Pinpointing "side trips" and unauthorized stops
Verifying time spent at customer locations
Reduce unwarranted vehicle idling
Recording excessive speeding

How The Abbott Tachograph Works.

The Abbott Tachograph has a frequency converter built into the unit that
allows it to receive any speed signal electronically. And it operates smoothly and efficiently with the original speedometer. It will record on a paper disk chart the:

Distance Traveled
Engine Idling Time

Simply remove the chart for review and replace with a new chart every day.
Simple as that.

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