"With your DumpMaster, we can show the customer the time and date that their container was emptied. This has eliminated the complaints of no pickup service and in some cases we have been able to sell more service..."
Rumpke Waste Collection
Louisville, KY


"The (GPS) Tracking Units have proven to be an important tool and we continue to count on the reports produced for verification purposes. I would highly recommend Abbott Enterprises... "
Top Cut Lawn Services
West Lake Worth, FL

"We have had your GPS Trackers now for almost a year. They are great, accurate and lets just say; 'It keeps the honest people honest.'"
Buckeye Building Services

Bryan, OH

"As a customer of yours and a user of your GPS Fleet Tracking System, I wanted to write you and let you know how delighted we have been with your product. Its functions, versatility, ease of operation and capabilities are all quite remarkable..."
Rochester, MN

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your GPS Shadow Tracker... The Shadow Tracker is inexpensive, easy to install and very easy to download data. The data show where the vehicle has been, driving time, downtime, location and length of downtime and speed."
Continental Tire

Uvalde, TX

"The (GPS) Trackers are helpful tools in any trucking business. These units have provided us with information to help cut our fuel costs and employee overtime. It has also shown us times when our trucks have been speeding and help reduce accidents.

I would recommed these units to trucking companies as a useful tool. "
Taylor Garbage Service
Vestal, NY

"With your GPS Shadow Tracker, I can now pinpoint any unnecessary stops, 'side trips' and excessive speeding. We are now reducing our fuel and labor costs while boosting productivity."
Clinton Petroleum Company
Randolph, OH

"As a customer and user of your GPS Tracking System, I wanted to let you know what a great product you have. Since we have installed the GPS Tracking Systems, I have been able to track every move of my Sanitation trucks route. It has also helped me on fuel costs...

I would recommend these units to all companies for their trucks. We also look forward to doing more business with you in the future."
City Of Muskogee Public Works Department
Muskogee, OK

"With the GPS units we are able to track the distance the men are going to find out if they are "runnning around the world" or if they are getting done with their jobs too early and need more jobs scheduled in a day's time...

If my company or any other company that I hear of ever needs a GPS shstem, you can bet I will buy or recommend Abbott Enterprises, time and time again."
Custom Care
Columbia, TN

"The day we installed the 15 tracking units in our fleet of sanitation vehicles, we started receiving the highly accurate positional and operational data that was advertised by your company....

This product has been a valuable tool for verifing that the established routes are being followed, designing the most efficient routing and for establishing the 'ground truth' when dealing with customers that are convinced that they have not received service on a given day...

This system is a highly effective and reasonably priced management tool for any business looking to oversee it's fleet operations."
City of Owensboro
Sanitation, Street & Stormwater Departments

Owensboro, KY