"GPS Fleet Tracking With No Contract Or Monthly Fees!" 

The Tracker j2 Is There When You're Not.GPS Shadow Tracker Jr.

Now you can know where your vehicles have been every minute of every day. Introducing the SHADOW TRACKER j2. fleet tracking system. The j2. is designed to help you track and verify the daily activities of your fleet. Its easy-to-read detailed reports will help you pinpoint the unnecessary stops, "side trips" and excessive speeding that is costing you TIME and MONEY.

Features and Benefits:

  • Complete travel route of any vehicle from your computer
  • Accurately verifies field activity for accounting functions.
  • One of the smallest full featured GPS tracking units availabe measuring 2" by 3" by .6" and weighing only 1.41 oz. Highly concealable within a vehicle.
  • The USB download rate is 921KBS. The 512K of memory can store up to 360 hours of drive time based on a 120 second collection rate.
  • Reduces excess use of fuel.
  • Eliminate "goofing off" and unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • Reduce insurance costs by disproving fraudulent accident claims.
  • Most affordable GPS tracking unit on the market.
  • Allows management to know whereabouts of company vehicles around the clock.

Shadow Tracker™ Maps and Reports

At street level we can clearly see stops marked by a red stop sign. Clicking on these stops pops up a summary of the stop: stop number, time, location, and duration. This makes it a breeze to determine where and when your employees were at certain locations.


The "Track Details" feature allows you to view all stops in text fashion while looking at the route on the map. You can also click on a specific stop number and the map will automatically jump to and center over that stop.


The 'Track Playback' feature gives you the opportunity to see how a specific route occurred on a given day. You are in essence, along for the ride.





This "Daily Tracking Report" provides an easy view a day's activities. Pinpoints made by fleet managers allow clear descriptions of addressess where employees stop. All stop times are clearly marked and time on job sites is recorded for later use. Shadow Tracker™ verifies billing, mileage, break times, payroll, and speeds.



Our "Mileage by State Report" will break down the mileage traveled for each day in any state the vehicle traveled.



The "Stop Report" allows managers to isolate stop locations, times and durations for a particular date range. This permits easy analysis of the facts that matter to a manager.



Shadow Tracker™ Lite

The Shadow Tracker™ Lite Software is compatible with j2. The Shadow Tracker™ Lite Software offers the same precision tracking capabilities as the Shadow Tracker™ Pro Software without many of the optional features.

  • Daily Travel Reports
  • 100 Pinpoints
  • Patent Pending color-coded speed bar

Shadow Tracker™ Professional

The Shadow Tracker™ Pro Software is compatible with the entire Shadow Tracker™ product line. It offers the fullest range and scale of features.

  • Available in Stand Alone and Network Versions
  • Track Playback
  • Track Details
  • Unlimited Pinpoints
  • State Mileage Report
  • Idle Time Report
  • Speed Bar

See Your Cost Go Down and Productivity Go Up.

The Shadow Tracker j2 is the low-cost way to cut your fuel and labor costs while boosting productivity. Simple to use and easy to install. Why wait?

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